Welcome to the Coaching Calendar Page!
You can schedule coaching time with me HERE.

If you are potentially interested in coaching, and would like to have an initial discussion, you can schedule a free thirty minute “get acquainted” phone call or Zoom discussion to discuss what you are seeking coaching for and ask questions about the coaching process. If you prefer a Zoom call, indicate that and I will email you the Zoom link.
If you schedule a coaching call, here are the details…
1. All calls are one hour, unless we specifically agree upon different amount of time.
2. The charge for the call is $250 per session.
3. If we are in a coaching relationship, you can email me in between calls with specific questions.
4. Simply pick an available day and time on the calendar function, choose whether it is a 30 minute get acquainted call or a one hour coaching call, and put the information requested into the system.

Email me at [email protected] if you have any questions.