The Secret Sauce That Accelerates Results to a Different Stratosphere

Today, we start an exploration into the dynamics of trust. The overall topic we are still exploring that this falls under is creating effective action for optimal results.
When it comes to powerful engagement and effective action I cannot think of any dynamic more influential than trust.
Trust (or mistrust) is so interwoven into the fabric of our lives. How much we trust others is influenced by our entire lifetime that includes betrayals/losses/disappointments and failures. All of these influence how we relate to trust. And their influence is a part of both our conscious awareness and unconscious awareness.
My view is that each of us has multiple internal conversations (conscious and unconscious) going on about trust:
  • How much you trust yourself in certain situations
  • How much you trust others in certain situations
  • What you have decided about who can be trusted and who can’t
  • What biases you have about who can be trusted based on your life experience
  • What situations you think enhance trust and what situations detract from trust
In addition to the above, we all have different interpretations and beliefs about what trust is, in the first place. Consider the following:
  • What is your definition of trust?
  • Who do you consider to be trustworthy? Why?
  • Who do you consider to be untrustworthy? Why?
  • What are your criteria for extending trust to another?
  • What quickly erodes trust for you?
  • Can trust be restored? When can it be and when can it not be?
  • What is required for you to trust after betrayal?
  • Do you consider yourself trustworthy?
  • Do those around you consider you trustworthy?
  • How do you know what they think about your trustworthiness?
  • How has your history and past disappointments influenced your current attitudes about who can be trusted?
  • What role do expectations have on trusting or not trusting?
Consider how much the way you relate to trust impacts your willingness to make promises and engage requests in your life.
Today is a time to “take stock” of how you relate to trust. My encouragement to you is to reflect upon the above questions and considerations and contemplate them.
Getting a bead on where you currently stand regarding the dynamic of trust will support you in considering how to build trust more deeply in your life and in your relationships. The goal is to build increased connection, engagement, and fulfillment.